Dr. Emily Loi

Emily Loi is a physician who pursued a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in biology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1996. In 2002, she graduated as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the AUC School of Medicine. Driven by an inquisitive nature she continued to seek knowledge in different fields. Ultimately her internal calling has led her into the financial industry.

‚ÄčAs the founder of Wealth Creation Insurance Services, Inc., Emily is committed to dedicate her life to be the best retirement advisor. She takes pride in being a member of the Financial Planning Association and aims to transform lives through the power of proper financial planning.

Emily’s goals are to empower everyone to attain financial freedom and generate lifetime income, so people are guaranteed to never outlive their money in retirement.

Her investment philosophy is to help her clients achieve the most optimal rate of return but with safety of principal.

Wealth Creation Insurance Services, Inc. has partnered with a dream team of financial experts committed to extend help and support towards families who wish to protect their assets, set up a retirement savings account, a college fund, a mortgage protection plan or those who are looking for tax-smart investing strategies.

Our team of experts also helps small businesses set up retirement plans such as the 401(k), Defined Benefit Plan, Defined Contribution Plan, SEP IRA, traditional IRA, and Deferred Compensation Plan.

Does Your Business Need Additional Tax Deductions?

Let us help you find a variation of the retirement plan designs that could help you convert current taxes to assets, defer tax payments, and generate the retirement income you desire.

At Wealth Creation Insurance Services, Inc., we are committed to help our clients create wealth, protect their assets, generate lifetime income and leave behind a legacy for generations to come.